Donald Trump could have played Mr. Potter in Capra’s 1946 “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

The Senate / House Republicans voting for a “tax cut” is the 1st step on a 2-step process to redistribute wealth from poor to rich.

For decades, Republicans have wanted to cut what they call socialistic entitlement programs, and they’re suffering Trump for a while to do it now.

STEP 1: “Cut Corporate Taxes” (puts billions into the hands of the Board of Directors, wealthy investors; minor, temp help to poor; long-term negative changes for the poor—increases the deficit dramatically.”

STEP 2: “Oh, the deficit is unworkable; the country will go bankrupt,” so they’ll have to cut “entitlement” programs (Social Security, Medicare…) to keep the country alive.

TAKEAWAY: Rich get richer, entitlements reduced so people have to struggle for basic income, the “Thrifty working class” that Mr. Potter was talking about on Kubrick’s “It’s a Wonderful Life”—something that’s akin to capitalism’s form of slave labor, survival’s servitude.

It’s not a tax cut for all, long-term. They’re literally making the rich richer and the poor poorer.



Washington Post


Or the New York Times:

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