President Donald Trump, a wannabe dictator.
President Trump seems more like a mob boss or a wannabe dictator.

Trump is little different from a mob boss impersonating a president.

I remember when conservative, Republican values were to love the Founders, the U.S. Constitution, the United States of America…to fear Russia, dictatorships, people abusing public office for their own gain…but here, I see the far right loving this criminal, Trump, instead.

Lack of awareness of these things does not remove them.

The founders of the U.S. Constitution were from an era of human government that was largely about an individual who gained power and ran things to suit him or herself. The problems with that should be obvious: It’s too easy for someone to make decisions that benefit himself and not the country.

That’s where you get the self-serving, even cruel methods and goals of a dictatorship. For Republicans who don’t want to hear that, let me repeat: a fascist-type government leads to such things as imprisoning citizens without cause, manipulating to keep corruption in power, even such things as murder or genocide. If you’re comfortable thinking I’m exaggerating, then you don’t want to read on.

Trump doesn’t follow the Constitution. He plays countries for his own benefit. He violates the three co-equal branches of government by such as disregarding Congress’ Power of the Purse, he violates Constitutional emoluments clauses (using his office to benefit himself)—and someone making billions in insider trading with the most remarkable timing with Trump tweets is stunning—he thwarts Congress’ power of oversight and subpoena…even makes the most appalling decisions that get people killed and thwarts the efforts of our military, such as his recent screw-up in Syria…he even seems to be trying to benefit Putin in his plans for Russia. He does love to help Russia.

Even the 2016 Republican Senate, when refusing to do its job and allow a new USSC justice, because they didn’t want Obama to pick one, allowed Trump to stack the U.S. Supreme Court with two, so now Trump feels invulnerable—exactly the wrong thing to do for America.

I’m stunned when people connect with his anger and bigotry.


We may at any time like or not like what a President does, but we must bend to the Constitution and follow it. Because if we do not— It’s not just about whether we like this or that policy, now, but the precedents set. If we allow the Constitution to be broken, if we say it’s okay because…then we set precedent that it’s okay for future presidents to do that, as well, and that defeats the protections of the 3 co-equal branches of government.

It’s not supposed to be about slamming our preferences home to whackos who don’t agree, but about how we can struggle together, in an ongoing manner, to find paths that benefit Americans as a whole. All of us. Regardless of our views, religions, sexualities, political parties.

If we lose that, we lose Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Lincoln and the soul of our humanity.

Think when you vote.

Posted by:Jenna Ware

Widow of Joseph F. Ware Jr., Dept. Mgr. Engineering Flight Test, Skunk Works, Lockheed (2 Air Force Ones, U-2, SR-71...); former NSA, NSOC, NSGA, Ft. Meade, MD; former forensic psychiatric social worker, MSW, LCSW; pilot, ATP/CFI; co-founder Ware Lab, Virginia Tech; asking for equality for all, including our sexuality; transsexual, 1981; author of "Shadow Life," sharing dangers of hiding trans person sexuality so others don't make the same mistakes I did.

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