Sometimes when I tell people, “I’m ‘transsexual,’ not ‘transgender,’ please,” I’m told, “That’s old fashioned.”

But it’s not.

It’s not “old fashioned” in the sense of preferring Glenn Miller music to the latest chart topper.

I reply, “Sex isn’t old fashioned. It’s very much real and present, even needed in our species.”

If it’s “old fashioned” in any say, it may be in the sense of valuing science vs. a social movement.

These days, gender concerns have swamped and dominated physical sex needs for trans people, good people demeaned who remember sex as fundamental to our species, have become harassment for people like me, are hated more by people who find their sex identity eroded (not just trans people, but LGB, also).

When will society quit turning the screws, torturing people like me?

Posted by:Jenna Ware

Widow of Joseph F. Ware Jr., Dept. Mgr. Engineering Flight Test, Skunk Works, Lockheed (2 Air Force Ones, U-2, SR-71...); former NSA, NSOC, NSGA, Ft. Meade, MD; former forensic psychiatric social worker, MSW, LCSW; pilot, ATP/CFI; co-founder Ware Lab, Virginia Tech; asking for equality for all, including our sexuality; transsexual, 1981; author of "Shadow Life," sharing dangers of hiding trans person sexuality so others don't make the same mistakes I did.

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