November, 2018, Cait Jenner and Jenna Ware on a windy day, talking with firefighters at Camarillo Airport, California, a staging area for Malibu firefighting helicopters. I’ve included this picture, here, because we are opposites in issues asserted. She identifies as “transgender”; I identify as “transsexual.” And I know from talking with her that we have different sexual issues.

This website is about acceptance, equality and inclusion of real diversity.

I center on promoting transsexual issues because they are mine and are suppressed by the transgender paradigm with a gender bias—but this site is not just about trans people; there is more to diversity than that.

  • It is not just about LGBTQ+…as there are people who are not listed. Listing inclusions excludes those not listed.
  • Diversity must include difference of mind as well as body.

Acceptance of diversity must also include people who do not conform to the latest social movement, that we are also worthy, valued, and equal in inclusion—even if we don’t think like you, have a different ideology, different psychosexual needs.

This website is kind but does not shrink from truths of trans person phenomena, neither sex nor gender. I’ve been in this field since 1977, SRS 1981, in various roles: psychotherapist (MSW, LCSW), involved myself, in mutual support with others, at gender conferences, speaking in universities, embedded in T bars, even mistaken as someone’s visiting cissex relative. I know what really goes on, and I know much of it is incorrectly related in media or the transgender paradigm.

As such, subjects on this website sometimes take the form of an exposé. This is meant to help, as real social integration depends on it being okay for us to be ourselves, not hidden or downplayed because what we are isn’t liked.

Each page, and usually also sections within a page, approach aspects of trans person issues and from a different direction. No page is the whole thing; one comment is not sufficient to explain a thing. Sometimes the same topic is addressed on different pages, yet from a different angle.

An entire generation of false information about transsexualism and transgenderism cannot be corrected in any single statement. There is an intertwined series of mis-truths that must be explained, clarified, and replaced with truth.

The transgender paradigm needs to evolve. Hiding something as basic as the sex one needs to be, or sexual response one needs, creates a false narrative for an entire group of people who have to then maneuver around that, who must then self-discriminate, self-segregate, to avoid revealing what people don’t want to know.

It is the position of this website that, while individuals may wish to keep their sexuality private, institutions and organizations should openly state and accept T sexuality:

  • that sex and gender are two different things, or at least that transgenders treat them as two different things, wishing to change gender yet not sex;
  • that sexual response as a sex is also a thing real and needed, just as is sex orientation—that who we need to be in bed is as important as who we need to be with;
  • that sex identity must be included as well as gender identity;
  • that gender orientation is as relevant as sex orientation—to which a person may be attracted (such as a gender orientation to women and also a sexual orientation, to males, as in transgenderism);
  • that gender swings exist, and the way trans people think of themselves changes through decades with years-long phases.

References here are generally conceptual and in the aggregate.

I am aware that there is a great deal of variation in T communities, sometimes mistaken as a continuum of angstroms, such as in the colors of a rainbow (see “Reasons” #6), yet blue is still something we can discuss as different from green, yellow, orange, red, or—perhaps more to the point—to wavelengths which are also there but which we cannot easily see.

I am aware that transiting gender is a common element in trans people, but that does not mean it’s the primary focus of all. Mathematics, for example, are used by all the sciences, yet they are not all mathematicians (see “Reasons,” #2).

References by main issue of transsexualism and transgenderism were commonplace until transgenders—a much larger minority—began to malign or suppress transsexualism and T sex issues, and since the differences between transsexualism and transgenderism are meaningful and vital, the two different terms are needed for the two phenomena. Discussion here is for each phenomenon by its main issue:

TRANSSEXUAL: The demonstrated main need to transit actual physical biological sex, the need to be the other sex-and-gender binary.

TRANSGENDER: The demonstrated main need to transit gender, the need to be another gender but not the other sex, non-binary.

Thus and as such, I assert I am and ask to be accepted as transsexual, not transgender.

I answer these and many more issues throughout this website, posts and pages.

It is the position of this website that the transgender social movement (example Cait Jenner, 2017) is over-focused on gender for all and is suppressing trans person sexualites, which accepts diminution to please prejudiced people, is a disservice to us all, and cruel to those of us for whom the sex issues are paramount.

Joe stuffing cake in my mouth at our wedding, getting me back for doing that to him; Joe and I traveling the world together (King’s Chamber, Khufu’s Great Pyramid, Giza, Egypt); people being hateful at a Trump rally.

And we can get along: My husband (above, also here and here) was a Christian and I am a Jew. More to the point, particularly in this harsh climate of extreme conservatism clashing with an over-branded, decried faux-socialistic liberalism, Joe was a conservative Christian Republican 40 years older, and I was a liberal Jewish Democrat transsexual. Our love was real, open and accepting because prejudice was not part of our ethics.

In these pages, I am asking to also be included in trans person rhetoric, as myself, with my own real issues, not to have them clouded by people who want to minimize or distort them.

This website does not seek to diminish a gender-focused view for people who want to tout it, but asks to also include a sex-focused view for people like me, for whom it is vital, necessary for survival. Thus, it would not be “transgender” for all trans people but “transgender and transsexual” or “trans people” for all trans people.

We must learn to co-exist, and value for diversity, itself, is the only way. Live, let live, and value each other.

Coexistence does not mean just with people who agree.

Conflicting religions can coexist; conflicting ideologies must also learn to coexist. You may believe my religion is wrong and yours is right, but if you pressure society to say yours is the one that must be included and mine must be excluded, you practice prejudice, bigotry. That is harsh and cruel. No nice way to do it.

I generally refer to to MtF, so that I may compare and contrast to myself. In this, I’m not leaving out FtM in any negative way. They are also valued. But FtM is not a mirror reflection of MtF, has some significant different issues, would require much more writing, and I struggle with brevity.

My best to you and yours.