Major autogynephilia proponents Ray Blanchard, J. Michael Bailey, Anne Lawrence.
Popular proponents of autogynephilia: Ray Blanchard, Ph.D.; J. Michael Bailey, Ph.D.; Anne Lawrence, MD, Ph.D.

Autogynephilia—a male sexually aroused at seeing self as female—is sometimes presented as a paraphilia or possibly an orientation in trans people. Most trans people flee any such association to a paraphilia because they’re fearful of a condemning society.

But there is another way to look at it. Like Woody Allen as Alvy Singer in his 1977 movie hit with Diane Keaton as the titular character in “Annie Hall”:

At the time of “Annie Hall,” masturbation was still taboo. Most everyone has done it, but sex-negative (read “sex scared”) people have sworn you’ll go to hell, you’ll grow hair on your palms, or it will turn you into a “pervert.”

That is all poppycock nonsense. It’s fear talking. And ignorance.

And the cure was not to hide masturbation in the closet or cancel culture / internet slam proponents. The cure was to stop being such a prude and accept ourselves as sexual beings, as human. Now it’s no longer taboo; “Saturday Night Live” has a lot of fun with it.

The phenomenon is real. Sex researchers were aware of it, published it. How we think of it will evolve, as it did with masturbation, being gay, or other things, and there you are.

As trans people, we have more important things to worry about.

I kinda see male arousal at seeing self as female, by whatever name, as

I urge people to quit worrying about autogynephilia. It doesn’t hurt anything; we have enough to deal with. Our demeanor will sell our nature. Radial fighting with the concept or with people who promote it can harm us all more than any perceived notion of the concept, itself.