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The ornithopter I built as a joke in our Skunk Works (garage). It flapped its wings and moved about 2 knots.

Some of these definitions are believed understood by most people, but are so misused their meanings are taken as quite different things by different people. Here they are specific.


SR-71: Developed in the latter 1950s, was an ultra-high altitude Mach 3+ reconnaissance “spy plane,” the fastest plane to carry a human at the time, with a reduced radar cross section (semi-stealth); served in the U.S. Air Force from 1964 to 1998. Joe was flight test engineer in charge.

U-2: Developed in the 1950s, was an ultra-high altitude reconnaissance airplane; Served for the Central Intelligence Agency of the U.S. and is one of the few to have served in the U.S. Air Force for over 50 years. Joe was flight test engineer in charge.


APA: American Psychiatric Association; publishes the DSM, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (See DSM below). Homosexuality used to be believed a mental illness. It was removed from the DSM in 1973 by APA convention vote. Sex and gender dysphoria issues should be removed, as well—we’ve no place in a manual of mental disorders. Gays aren’t sick, and we aren’t sick either. Where issues of suicidality, depression, etc., exist, they can be treated by their own inclusion. The APA is pathologizing us, making us seem mentally ill, included there for 3rd party reimbursement issues, for insurance company billings…and as such they’re voting themselves a pay check, like the other APA below.

Note: Psychiatry and psychology overlap but are not the same thing.

APA: American Psychological Association. They acknowledge not all people agree with “transgender” (C) as an umbrella term, but, sadly, they state their support of it. Most out trans persons are transgender (B) or non-conforming, non-binary, so it’s not surprising the APA would seek to please its largest paying base, even if it means marginalizing transsexualism (A, a very small minority by comparison). Money has a lot to do with these things. My view is not uninformed; I am a licensed psychotherapist (now inactive).

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This bimodal distribution is flatter, could be more at gender expression—masculine or feminine. A steeper bimodal distribution could be more at physical sex—male or female.

BINARY: In trans populations, “binary” refers to what is distinctly male or female—”one of the two sexes,” not intersex or intergender; a stereotype of what is man/male or woman/female. In reality, our species is not binary, but the bimodal distribution is so steep, the distinctions so common and recognizable, that it’s thought of as “two” sexes.

CISNATAL: Same as birth or expectations resulting from birth, whether sex or gender; male now if male then; woman now if girl then (in contrast to transnatal meaning a crossing since birth). Sometimes shortened as “cis,” some women born female say “cis” or “cisnatal” is offensive, but it’s just means “same,” which they’re proud to be. In reality, it’s because they’re asserting if you weren’t born female, you can’t be a woman—when so, anger at “cis” as a term is an anti-trans statement that says there is no trans woman or man, so no need to reference “cis” as distinction.

CONFLATE: Combining two different things to make a new thing; two into one, grouped. Example of sex/gender conflation “My gender is female” or “…the same gender as the sex you were born…” Non-conflated: “My gender is feminine”; “my sex is female.”

T Phenomena on med blue field
Because B and C are the same word, and B and C conflate A and B, I often refer to these four letters for clarity.

CULTURE OF SECRECY: Transgender / trans person sociopolitical movement hiding physical sex identity, genitalia, and sexual response as male or female, saying it’s private, warning and sometimes threatening reporters and people to collude—all as a misguided effort to promote transgenderism (B) by conflation, obfuscation, and subterfuge. Examples are here with Caitlyn Jenner and here with 7 examples of how we hurt ourselves with it.

DSM: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, edited by the American Psychiatric Association (see APA above); used as a list of mental disorders for reference, identification, discussion, and 3rd party payments to therapists from insurance companies.

FFS: Facial Feminizing Surgery, the process whereby a skilled surgeon can subtly trim underlying facial bone and also move relevant soft tissue to feminize a face.

GENDER (personage): masculinity or femininity; manly or womanly; man or woman.

GENDER (social role): Society accepting someone in role of new “gender.” Most “transgenders” do not have surgery of any kind, almost all avoid SRS, so are some version of cis genitalia.

GENDER REFERENCED SURGERIES: Gender-focused / sex-negative surgeries (for masculinity or femininity, such as breast augmentation, FFS…) that are also sometimes used to mean Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) while avoiding actually saying so—part of the Culture of Secrecy. These terms are popular with the transgender sociopolitical movement (C) because they avoid physical sex aspects of transition and are not specific. One can give the impression of saying one thing while saying another and claiming to be truthful.

  • GAS: Gender Affirming Surgery
  • GCS: Gender Confirming/Corrective Surgery
  • GRS: Gender/Genital Reassignment/Reconstructive Surgery.

GENDER IDENTITY: A person’s self-identity of gender. “I am a woman.” (Conversely, sex identity is, “I am a female.”)

GENDER EXPRESSION: A person’s self-expression of gender, as masculine or feminine; womanly or manly (as opposed to sex expression as in genitalia).

NSA: National Security Agency, headquartered in Ft. Meade, MD, is charged with signal intelligence (SIGINT) around the world.

NSGA: Naval Security Group Activity, NavSecGruAct, or NSGA, was part of Naval Intelligence and the NSA’s Central Security Service, active between 1935 and 2005, for SIGINT, signal intelligence.

NSOC: National Security Operations Center, the NSA’s operation and time-sensitive SIGINT, signal intelligence.

ORCHIECTOMY: Surgical removal of one or both testes. It happens a lot that transgenders will have an orchie so they can take fewer hormones to be feminized and because there is less bulk in the panties, easier to hide a penis, and then claim it was GAS, GCS, GRS…

PENIS: A male reproductive and sex organ.

SEX (physical): Primary sex characteristics of chromosomes, gonads, reproductive organs, genital anatomy, goes to reproduction of the species; being male or female (not to be conflated with gender).

SEX CHANGE: It is with great pain I share that biologic sex cannot yet be changed. It may be changed legally (where allowed), socially (where groups agree), and anatomically (per genital surgery for form and function).

SEX AND GENDER: Not the same thing.

SRS: Sex Reassignment Surgery; replace the anatomical genitalia of one sex with the other, as in to convert male genitalia to female or vice versa. People who wish to be specific or promote transsexualism as a separate phenomenon to reference SRS. People for whom gender is the salient issue—regardless of surgeries—tend to use euphemisms such as GAS, GRS, or GCS, above.

SEX EXPRESSION of the body, with genitalia, as male or female, penis or vagina.

SEX IDENTITY: A person’s self-identity of a physical sex; “I am a female.” (Conversely, gender identity is “I am a woman.”)

SEX ORIENTATION: Who one is into; attracted to men or women, males or females; not one’s own sexual response as a male or female.

SEX RESPONSE: How one responds, sexually; as a male or as a female responds. NOTE: I believe neurologic and is not changed by having SRS, a problem if D (below in the picture) where SRS is done for a secondary reason such as access to female-only areas, socially perceived “authenticity,” or such.

SIGINT: Signal Intelligence, one of the functions of the NSA (see NSOC).

TRANS PEOPLE: Any form of trans living, including trans sex, trans gender, and trans clothes. We are all trans, but we are not all transgender; should be the term for (C) as it fits all of us and allows phenomenological clarification.

T Phenomena on med blue field(1) TRANSGENDER (phenomenon, “B” in chart): Demonstrated need to change gender, not physical sex. Almost all people who identify today as “transgender” are B. Virginia Prince, Ph.D. popularized “transgenderist” to mean

“…people like myself who have breasts and live full time as a woman, but who have no intention of having genital surgery…” (Gender Blending, P. 469, 1997).

Most transgenders scream offense if “transgenderist” is used, because they want to hide the penis retained, and “transgenderist” includes it phenomenologically. It is not a dirty word; it’s a phenomenon with real people and should not be dissed.

I am not transgender (B); I am transsexual (A).

(2) TRANSGENDER (political, “C” in chart): A political grouping one may hold, regardless of surgeries or trans status, that focuses on gender change for any trans person and obfuscates trans person sexuality, the opposite sexualities of transgenderism and transsexualism, and is part of the Culture of Secrecy engaged in social engineering based on obfuscation and subterfuge. Many of us feel hurt with emphasis on gender, when our own emphasis is on opposite physical sex / opposite sexual response—much deeper, more encompassing.

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Grouping by gender is political. We’re all trans people, but we’re not all transgender.

A proper umbrella term for C is “Trans People.” As Virginia Prince, Ph.D. also stated,

“…people like myself who have breasts and live full time as a woman, but who have no intention of having genital surgery. Others soon took the term and it is now used, erroneously I think, as a collective term for all the various degrees and kinds of cross-dressing. This leaves no simple term for describing those who have changed gender without a change of sex” (Gender Blending, 1997, p. 469).

And leaves no simple term for describing those who are not same (Transgender B).

I am not transgender (C), the political coalition, either; I’m phenomenological because

  • I’m not trying to hide my sexuality, and
  • I’m trying to exist, to be acknowledged for my life-long issues.

TRANSGENDER WITH AN EXTRA SURGERY: (D) on the chart. Someone who has SRS but has a gender focus. This group is at risk to being dissatisfied or even seriously hurt by SRS, if their need isn’t truly to be the other physical sex, to have the other genitalia, and to have the other sexual response as male or female.

TRANSSEXUAL: (A) on the chart. Demonstrated need to change physical sex, be the other binary. Pre-SRS diagnosis should be provisional, discarded if SRS is avoided. Gender is involved, but physical change of sex is salient, much deeper. SRS is needed, and if medical science were able, transition would include chromosomes and reproductive system as well.

TRANSNATAL: As an antonym of cisnatal, used herein as different from birth or expectations resulting from birth, whether sex or gender; female now if male then; woman now if boy then…

VAGINA: A female reproductive and sex organ.