I know the politics that surround specific mention of sex issues for trans people, but social denial is hurtful and transphobic. Society needs to own trans people, including sexuality, stop the mixed messages, as to do otherwise creates all manner of hell for us.

Ideology should not affect scientific research (see my Letter to the Editor in Archives of Sexual Behavior), education of facts, non-discrimination, or be used to oppress people who are different.

And I remind people there are transgender women who are clear that they do also love their penis. We need to have respect for these people and their courage in owning themselves—and also respect for people who find them attractive, without which life, finding love and marriage, would be hell. We need to stop treating people badly who are different or who appreciate those who are.

And transgender social leaders: You need to stop getting wigged out by mention of real T sex issues and enable organizations and institutions to begin accepting transgender people with their real issues. To fail to do so causes great harm.

Sex and gender are treated by transgenders as two different things. So

Sex orientation: What sex you’re attracted to.

Gender orientation: What gender you’re attracted to.

Someone might say,

“My gender orientation is woman; my sex orientation is male” or

“My gender orientation is man; my sex orientation is female.”

With clarity and respect, gynandromorphophilia, transgenderism, is described as “…attraction to gynandromorphs…who are natal males with both breasts and a penis…”

I am not referring to the mis-use of “orientation” for one’s subjective experience of one’s body. That kind of thing is part of the transgtender paradigm continual effort to direct conversation away from transgender need to be another gender with same sexuality.

Consistency is needed. “Orientation” refers to attraction. “Identity” how you identify.

“Gender Identity” is one’s identity of a gender. “Sex Identity” is one’s identity of sex.

“Sex Orientation” is the sex one is attracted to.

“Gender Orientation” is the gender one is attracted to.