Hiding Transgender Sexuality is Transphobic
Transgenders Demands Sex-nagativity Because Society Hates It
Society is Trans Sex-negative

Hiding trans sexuality is transphobic, shown in this composite of organizations which hide or play down trans person sexualities.
Some of the many organizations which play down or minimize trans person sexualities.
Hiding Transgender Sexuality is Transphobic

People cannot fully integrate into society if their sexuality is treated as offensive.

I’ve been in this since 1977, seen social issues develop, seen how people respond to transphobia while trying to live their lives. It is long confirmed in me that not accepting trans person sexualities is part of not accepting us in basic.

Not accepting trans person sexualities is transphobic, just as much as other ways of putting us down and keeping us at bay.

And some of the side effects of this are that people like me are suppressed, morphed into things we are not, used to possibly indicate by sexual silence that others may not be as they are, to help them live in social denial which I believe is harmful, and even to pressure muggles into not owning some of their own sexuality, sex identity.

Transgenders Demands Sex-nagativity Because Society Hates It

Society likes to claim they avoid T sex issues because transgenders require it, but if you look at how the sex-negativity developed, the truth is transgenders require it because they fear rejection from a hating society.

The whole world gets to be sexual. People at large, L, G, and B…are all sexual references that indicate both the sex of a person and the sex of attraction. Not gender; sex, which are two different things. We see sex depicted in movies…

Composite showing sexuality with Jude Law and Cameron Diaz in "The Holiday"; Amy Schumer and John Cena in "Trainwreck."
The Holiday” movie sex with Jude Law and Cameron Diaz; Amy Schumer with John Cena in “Trainwreck.”

…but society has been repeatedly warned not to touch the third rail of transgender sexuality—don’t even say “transsexual,” not even if the movie is about the 1st transsexual, “The Danish Girl,” about Lili Elbe, who died trying SRS. Not even if an autobiography is implied to maybe be about transsexualism though identified as transgenderism without saying transsexual, such as with Caitlyn Jenner. Not even the sexuality of muggles if it’s in a way that may reflect back on transgender non-binary sexuality, such as with J.K. Rowling.

Jobs and careers sometimes involve revealing sexuality, genitalia. It cannot be avoided: think locker rooms, costuming, the military… It’s integral to finding love or even just sex in our species. Yet it’s to be avoided for trans people.

Society is Trans Sex-negative

If you want to see a much larger list of T sex-negativity, check my page on that.

And here is an example for this page: Planned Parenthood.

Popular definitions make it clear that transphobia is, as Planned Parenthood sates, “fear, hatred, disbelief, or mistrust of people who are transgender.” That’s here below in the middle picture.

Composite of some definitions of transphobia.
Composite of definitions of transphobia.

But Planned Parenthood can also be used to show how transphobia is also staying away from sex issues, though that is not what they say.

Because then, on the same page, Planned Parenthood lists things they say are transphobic:

Planned Parenthood list of transphobia.

Limited. It sounds compassionate to say it that way, but the argument is specious.

A tenet of the transgender paradigm is to avoid bringing it up, and they do, in that sense. PP actually says bring it up is transphobic:

Planned Parenthood saying it's transphobic to even ask if someone is transsexual.

Compassion finds its way into even extreme aspects of interaction, until the dreaded “S” word rises. Trans people are to be de-sexed. Most everyone else on the planet gets to be sexual, but trans people are to be de-sexed.

Planned Parenthood declaring importance of referring to transgenders as they prefer, but that is not extended to transsexuals.

Why? Again, it comes back to the fact that society hates sex-and-gender non-binarism, shames people who want to be another gender yet not the other sex. So people like me, even muggles, are pressured to avoid some of our own sex issues to help society not own transgender sexuality.

I think the reason PP does this is because they’re pandering to the transgender paradigm, trying to please a commercial base, trying to avoid being slammed in the media if they do not comply with scripture.

While a person may choose to be private, organizations, however, should state trans person non-binary sexuality and also state that it is okay. Say it’s okay. Why not? Is it not okay?

Avoidance like this is transphobic because it does not make it clear that trans person sexualities are okay as sex-and-gender non-binary. It is T sex-negative.