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A Brief History of Transsexualism and Transgenderism

Sex and Gender: Two Different Things

Transsexualism vs. Transgenderism: The Difference

Transgender Paradigm

Research Topics Inhibited by Transgender Paradigm

Social Alienation: The One-Two Punch

Medical Abuse

Hiding Trans Person Sexualities Hurts Us All

The transgender social movement is sex-negative

Hiding Trans Person Sexualities is Transphobic

Virginia Prince: Open About Transgender Sexuality

Reasons I’m Told not to be “Transsexual”

How to be Neutral

Compassionate Honesty vs. a Culture of Secrecy

Things You Don’t Expect Me to Say

Gender Swings, Phases of Adjustment, Evolving Trans Person Issues over Decades

Gynandromorphophilia: Sex Orientation and Gender Orientation for Trans People

Autogynephilia: A Different Way to Look at It

Transgender Public Bathroom Solution

Prevalence in the U.S.: Transsexual and Transgender

Virginia Prince, Ph.D.: Open about Transgender Sexuality

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Caitlyn Jenner: Secrets She Doesn’t Share