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A Brief History of Transsexualism and Transgenderism

Sex and Gender: Two Different Things

Transsexualism vs. Transgenderism: The Difference

Transgender Paradigm

Gender Supremacy, Sex Supremacy, or Both?

Medical Abuse

Hiding Trans Person Sexualities Hurts Us All

Hiding Trans Person Sexualities is Transphobic

Research Topics Inhibited by Transgender Paradigm

Transgender Supremacy: Cruelty to Transsexuals

Perspectives and Coexistence

The transgender social movement is sex-negative

Reasons I’m Told not to be “Transsexual”

How to be Neutral

Compassionate Honesty vs. a Culture of Secrecy

Please Don’t Validate Me

Gender Swings, Phases of Adjustment, Evolving Trans Person Issues over Decades

Gynandromorphophilia: Sex Orientation and Gender Orientation for Trans People

Autogynephilia: A Different Way to Look at It

Transgender Public Bathroom Solution

Prevalence in the U.S.: Transsexual and Transgender

Virginia Prince, Ph.D.: Open about Transgender Sexuality

Caitlyn Jenner: Secrets She Doesn’t Share

Mixed Messages on Transsexual Inclusion

Request for Inclusion to the CEOD

Request for Inclusion to the Council

Predicted Hate Crime