“Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

J.K. Rowling Accepts Both Transgender and Muggle Sexualities
Rejecting by Partially Accepting
Sex Issues are Still Here

Don’t Get Sidetracked by Things Like This—J.K. Rowling
So What Comes Out of This?
We need a T sex Revolution

Transgender people in celebration.
J.K. Rowling Accepts Both Transgender and Muggle Sexualities

This page is an example of how someone who is accepting has been pressured to deny or avoid issues of sexuality for both trans people and muggles, alike: J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series.

Society has, reluctantly, been accepting trans people, but in a way that rejects their sexuality.

Prejudice is the motivation being used to bend transgender acceptance into support for a sex-and-gender binary society—by making it about gender while hiding T sex issues.

You know a social movement is wrong when it requires people to suppress themselves to make it work. The transgender social movement needs to evolve into owning its own sexuality and letting others own theirs as well.

Coexist. J.K.Rowling is right. Muggles have a sex identity, too, which is challenged by the transgender paradigm.
Rejecting by Partially Accepting

We should be able to embrace transgender people—yet at the same time also value people who are and want to be of the same sex and gender.

LIberty defined.

Ideologies conflict. But that is okay, and we can get along, even value diversity. Liberty and diversity go hand in hand. It is, or is supposed to be, the American way and the way of all who value humanity. This is coexistence. It cannot be done if we pressure people to hide trans person sexualities, to pretend to be as society wishes.

Avoiding, not liking, or hating trans person sex issues is transphobic—and we trans people—within this powerful yet fragile T sex-denying social movement—very often do that to ourselves by saying they should not be mentioned, sometimes even insisting that cisnatal people disavow their own sexuality to aid the process.

I know most in society are prejudiced. I know most hate the idea of changing gender not sex.

But, trans people: We can never fully integrate into society until we own our sexuality, too, and make it okay. Saying don’t mention it, pretend it’s not there or doesn’t matter, hurts us.

Here is a list of who is doing it:

Almost everyone.

Going along with that transgender demand to hide sexuality—even using the demand as an excuse—society is not saying “We accept you.” They’re saying, “We accept you if we have to, without your sex issues,” which is a way of keeping it away, rolling non-binary people into a binary system—not to accept that humans are non-binary (any more than they have to) but in a way that confirms the binary system.

By “accepting,” I’m not talking about sexual orientation (who you’re into). I’m talking about a lot more, things deemed offensive, or that are usually pressured to be omitted:

  • A need to be the same sex or the other sex, male or female;
  • Sex identity as well as gender identity;
  • A needed sexual response as male or female (who one is in bed as, not with);
  • Sex orientation but also gender orientation—as sex-and-gender non-binary people need to find love, too, and we must also value those who are attracted to them, gynandromorphophilia;
  • Does a need to change sex move with a need to change gender?

The insistence to suppress trans person sexualities may sound compassionate on the surface, as society does tend to reject non-binarism, but this is specious.

Sex Issues are Still Here

The problem is that non-binary sex issues (above) are still and always here. They actually do exist and can’t go away by pretending. Saying we shouldn’t acknowledge them says they’re not okay.

They’re here when we look for work that may have locker rooms or showers, when we think about joining the military, wonder if we should approach someone to whom we’re attracted, when we interact with others or groups, when we face ostracism from people who know we won’t state what the prejudice is really about, when we refuse to report a hate crime because it will create questions or files or court room or newspaper accounts of a sexuality that is supposed to be shameful, when we sit alone at night, when we deal with self-esteem, and when we wonder how to get out of this quagmire.

Don’t Get Sidetracked by Things Like This—J.K. Rowling
J K Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series.
J.K. Rowling, author of Harry Potter series.

This is an example of someone in society who is NOT misusing trans person acceptance. J.K. Rowling is expressing the importance of sex issues, that they are meaningful—which they are—and that they remain included in society. I find her refreshing:

Composite of J.K. Rowling tweets trying to include sexuality for both transgenders and muggles, alike

This is true.

I don’t see transphobia, here.

Please remember I’m an old transsexual (SRS 1981), former psychotherapist in the area. I’ve paid my dues many times over. You stand partially on my shoulders. And I do recognize transphobia where it exists.

But what I see, here, is not. I see reactionary, insecure transgenders who are lashing out yet forever again, who seem determined to live by their fear, without seeing how suppressing their own sexuality adversely affects their own life, without seeing how suppressing the sexuality of others is also wrong.

J.K. Rowling is accepting your sexuality and hers as well; this is what you should want. It needs to be okay. It is not what you should harass.

There are differences which are meaningful between us trans people and non-trans people; society is struggling to incorporate non-binary people into a binary system.

How about not jumping on nice people while we do it?

So What Comes Out of This?

So what are results of this gender-not-sex social movement for non-binary people?

Most of society keeps non-binary people at arm’s length. They feel their own identity can remain intact as both sex-and-gender, conflated: a man is male, and a woman is female. They don’t have to think as much about non-binarism that they don’t like—which is nonetheless highlighted when sexed places in society are “violated” by non-binary “intrusion” such as bathrooms. Society can disown its effort to keep transgenders at a distance because it can point to transgender leaders who actually demand it. Giving in to transgenders’ gender-focused social denial of T sex issues is great, they say; let them in a little with a “gender” acceptance so they’ll actually keep themselves out of more sex-based areas of life; accepting a little disgust to prevent a lot more.

Transgenders get to presume (though falsely) that they’re being taken as that same, conflated sex-and-gender, because that’s what “gender” is supposed to mean. They don’t seem to connect with the awareness that most people already know or will soon learn. They say hate crimes are less influenced if their non-binarism isn’t known, though I believe the opposite occurs. Society and transgenders, as well, not stating that sex-and-gender binarism is okay gives footing to prejudiced people who feel confirmed in their hate. It fuels related conversations—words have power—and sets the stage for harsh reactions and expressions. There are many other results here.

We Need a T Sex Revolution

Liberals and conservatives alike, universities, the press, organizations…have been creating a sex-negative culture for trans people, for sex-and-gender non-binarism.

Composite showing Rosa Parks on a bus, Stonewall Riots, Harvey Milk.
Rosa Parks on a bus; Stonewall Riots for gay rights; John Lewis, Coretta Scott King and 5,000 marching for equality over the infamous Edmund Pettus bridge; Harvey Milk.

It’s the 1950s for non-binary sexuality, part of the gender-not-sex social movement that I so resist: repressive, suppressive. Trans people need a sexual revolution.

Composite about the sexual revolution in the 1960s.

The gender-not-sex transgender paradigm needs to evolve, begin to own itself.

We can’t wait on society to do it, because transgender radicals have built fear and intimidation into the social movement, for people or organizations who do not accept scripture. Look at what they did to J.K. Rowling (noted above), and you know I can give and have given many more examples of that.

A person may choose privacy, but organizations, institutions…must state and accept sex-and-gender non-binarism. Say it’s okay. Make it okay.

However it’s done, it needs to become okay.

Have we learned nothing from other people who struggled so for their own acceptance and inclusion?