Population of the U.S.
Prevalence of Transgenderism
Prevalence of Transsexualism
Conclusion, Numbers, How Many

How many trans persons are there in the United States?

How many are transsexual or transgender?

There is no good data to start with, so no one really knows prevalence, but I’ll demonstrate some numbers and provide some answers.

Some people who identify as trans-something do not say so, some claim they’ve had “the surgery” which is indistinct or when what they had was not SRS, and how you define phenomena is crucial…so there is no way to know. Prevalence issues are guesses. “Studies” of prevalence are scholars with idiosyncratic definitions of trans issues—little uniformity—and looking at things like suicidality, drugs, abuse, violence….with most bits arranged so it’s particular to just that study. The larger picture is missing—I think because there isn’t one.

Population of the U.S.

About 330,000,000. This one, we do know fairly well.

Prevalence of Transgenderism

Maybe 2 Million and growing every year, so…perhaps I should say 3 million?

No one knows how many as many individuals do not disclose and research sources do not really know.

One can “be” transgender (gender transition, not wanting sexual transition) without any kind of medical intervention and without changing a driver’s license, and if you’re counting per who identifies as “transgender,” then it could be anyone.  The Williams Institute at UCLA report guessed maybe 0.6% of the U.S. population (overall) with some 1.4 million who so identify, double the estimate of Gates in 2011—and this TWI guestimate was in 2016. The numbers grow every year. It could be closer to 3 million by now because I don’t think opening is linear. TWI says the increase is likely due to factors such as a perceived increase in visibility and acceptance.

The number grows and changes through time and with definitions.

Prevalence of Transsexualism

Maybe 200,000 in the U.S.?

No one knows, here, either.

See the prevalence problems:

Some people change and then act almost like secret agents trying to blend in to convince others they were born the other sex. Often documentation, even official government documentation has been…mis-informed. This is “stealth transsexualism” for the more extreme.

Some people will falsify documents, even government documents, to show SRS when it was not obtained.

Some people will not even disclose to their doctor, making up a false reason why they need maintenance hormone replacement therapy.

Some people go to other countries (such as Europe or Asia) to have SRS, come back and then maybe do the above or not, so there is no record of who did what surgery, especially since a passport may already display the destination sex designation.

Some people go to other countries for surgery and then take up residence in other countries—or go from another country to here in the U.S….and do not disclose…

Some people use cash and not insurance to pay, so insurance company records are not reliable.

Many, I fear, more than some, make genital formation status vague by using non-specific terms such as “GRS” (instead of SRS) because GRS is about gender and may be used to imply SRS, while privately referring to other surgeries like FFS or rhinoplasty…or outright mislead altogether.

An effort was made. Lynn estimated some 1:2500 in the U.S.—that’s 132,000, but source information is not reliable, and as the years go so it grows.

Nobel Prize winner Kip Thorne showing Jessica Chastain equations for movie “Interstellar.”

Conclusions, Numbers, How Many

My husband was an aerospace engineer, and said his industry referred to conclusions with as many guesses as a “WAG,” a “wild assed guess.”

So, with 330,000,000 in the United States of America:

TG: 2,000,000 = 0.006, 0.6% of the population identifying as transgender
TS: 200,000 = 0.0006, 0.06% of the population as transsexual
10% of trans people transsexual, 90% transgender (no SRS)

TG: 3,000,000 = 0.009, 0.9% of U.S. ID as transgender
TS: 300,000 = 0.0009, 0.09% as transsexual
10% of trans persons transsexual, 90% transgender (no SRS)

If we guestimate more TG and less TS
TG: 3,000,000 = 0.009, 0.9% of U.S. ID as transgender
TS: 200,000 = 0.0006, 0.06% as transsexual
6.7% of U.S. trans persons transsexual, 93.3% transgender (no SRS)

If we guestimate less TG and more TS
TG: 2,000,000 = 0.006, 0.6% of U.S. ID as transgender
TS: 300,000 = 0.0009, 0.09% of U.S. as transsexual
15% of U.S. trans persons transsexual, 85% transgender (no SRS)…

It looks clear “the vast majority” of trans people are transgender (not wanting SRS) with maybe some 10%-ish being transsexual, give or take 5%, some 90%-ish not wanting SRS. Maybe. These numbers cannot be relied upon .

It’s a safe bet that “the vast majority” of trans people never have or want SRS. My decades in this shows that TG statements of intent are to give the impression that the sexuality has moved with a change in gender, when it usually has not—which is usually the reason most trans people do not want SRS.

Cait Jenner (I knew her 2016, 2017, and 2018) says in her book (she didn’t write it as she told me she’s dyslexic, Buzz Bissinger did) that “Only about 30% of trans women have any type of surgery…so why even consider it?” Cait is pro transgender paradigm, I believe, for book and movie sales.  But that figure seems correct in that the “vast majority” never have any surgery, and only a small percentage of that becomes actual SRS where more often there is breast augmentation or something else or nothing. Someone having an orchiectomy (castration) is not SRS, though it may be claimed to be.

That is why I tend to say:

Transgender (as umbrella, though “trans person” should be umbrella) “…90%-ish” or “almost all” never want to be the other sex.

Transgender (the phenomenon of changing gender but not wanting to change sex) are a MUCH larger minority than transsexuals.

Transsexuals are rare and need to be the opposite sex from transgenders.