Transgenderist is Not a Dirty Word

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Virginia Prince, Ph.D. popularized “transgenderist” to mean changing gender but not sex, to live as a woman with a penis. Trans leaders need to stand up for this.

The transgender movement says “transgenderist” is offensive. It means “one who is transgender,” so what’s the problem?

The problem is it’s honest and open about something transgenders want to hide. The transgender paradigm is about changing gender role but it limits what it allows the public to know, see Caitlyn Jenner, here, with a warning. But society will never fully accept a group that hides what it is about, and leading people into the belief that it will engenders denial, later-term depression, and even suicidality.

Virginia Prince, Ph.D. popularized “transgenderist” to mean

“…people like myself who have breasts and live full time as a woman, but who have no intention of having genital surgery,” (Gender Blending, 1997).

She wrote for years about the phenomenon of changing gender but not sex, including How to Be a Woman Though Male (1971, 1987).

Virginia’s openness didn’t work well, then. Society wouldn’t accept someone as a woman who had male genitalia—it was barely accepting transsexuals. And so the movement morphed into hiding with the current “transgender” paradigm. As an old transsexual who has experienced hate crimes as a result of hiding, I’m hoping I can use my life as an example and encourage that evolution.

Some people prefer other, specific terms, but the “transgender umbrella” combines, basically, the phenomena of transgenderist and transsexual. I do not wish to offend, but I use “transgenderist” sometimes for clear discourse merely so I can compare the phenomena of changing into

  1. women with male sexuality and
  2. women with female sexuality.

“Transgender” is the only term transgenderists will accept in the movement, now days, and they press it on transsexualism even when we complain—literally using their term for us, even noting less and less often that we exist as ourselves.

  • “Transgenderist” is said to be offensive to people-who-change-gender-but-not-sex because it points out the penis retained, and almost all “transgenders” are such.
  • But “transgender” is offensive to many transsexuals because it says we’re same phenomenon as millions who have no intention or need to be the other sex—a way of living so opposed to our neural being it would kill many of us, certainly would have me.

Transgenderists scream victim if we use “transgenderist,” even though it’s accurate, yet feel no compunction against using “transgender” for transsexuals against our will.

To all of us:

What are you saying about yourself if you feel you have to play down your genitals to get along? Bigots, prejudiced people, make it clear they won’t accept you as you really are, so you agree to play yourself down right along with them? Deep in the psyche, if you do something to indicate that you’re not okay as you really are, you’re knocking yourself, dumping on yourself—and Caitlyn Jenner, you’re leading them down that path. You’re agreeing there’s something wrong with this.

Society will never accept these phenomena if we lie to them about what we really need, and bullies love to pick on people who won’t stand up for themselves. Doing all this, cooperating with oppression, damages self esteem in the long run and can engender low self-esteem, depression and suicidality.

I urge “transgender leaders” (who are sometimes transsexuals willing to say they’re transgender, also, to support book sales and avoid trans radical lash-back) to admit the worthiness of a life as the other gender and with cis sexuality. You’ve got most of them thinking they’re supposed to hide or lie. Owning transgenderism is to own the life of changing gender without wanting to change sex.

And “transgender” can’t be both the name of an umbrella and the name of an underlying phenomenon at the same time without marginalizing other phenomena under that same umbrella who have different issues. It literally denies some of our different and critical sex identity and physical sex issues, makes us seem same falsely as transgenders with an extra surgery, and warps public opinion. It’s unkind to others of us, literally a minority oppressing other minorities for gain.

“Transgenderist” living is worthy. All that is needed is for leaders of the trans movement to admit what it is currently hiding.