Virginia Prince, Ph.D., November 23, 1912 to May 2, 2009, self-identified “transgenderist,” popular promoter of transgenderism.

Transgenderism: How to Be a Woman Though Male
Gender Blending, Transgenderism, Sex and Gender—Where She Lays it Out
More on Virginia Prince and Transgenderism
Example of False Information, Re-writing History

This page is not meant to be an exhaustive outline of Virginia Prince‘s life, but I’ve seen so many things about her be changed over the years, on the internet, that I think I should try to capture some of what remains before it’s all gone.

Time and again I’ve read something on Virginia, gone back to it later…only to find it’s not there any more or has been changed to appear

  • as if she was in favor of the modern transgender paradigm, which she was not,
  • or that she was not a self-identified transgenderist which she was,
  • or that she she did not clarify that transgenderism was about changing gender and not sex, which she did
  • etc.

I’ll show this below in her own words and giving other examples from the web in the form of screenshots, rather than just links, so that if pages change, the info may still be accessed.

Transgenderism: How to Be a Woman Though Male

Virginia promoted transgenderism including as in this book by her, How to Be a Woman Though Male, first out in 1971, wherein she described a number of things including the idea that transsexuals (like me) would be disappointed later when we realized that men really wanted us to have a penis.

That is also a great example of a transgenderism misunderstanding of transsexual needs, of seeing us from the outside, missing the point. She did not understand any more than most people that transsexual need is to actually be that other biological sex (even though it’s not possible, yet) and that the sex response need is of that opposite sex.

But we agreed on most other things, as I show below.

Gender Blending, Transgenderism, Sex and Gender—Where She Lays it Out

In Gender Blending, she relayed also the meaning of “transgenderist,” what transgenderism was really about, and how sex and gender are used in such an unclear manner:

…people like myself who have breasts and live full time as a woman, but who have no intention of having genital surgery…”


“Others took [transgenderism] and it is now used, erroneously I think, as a collective term for all the various degrees and kinds of cross-dressing. This leaves no simple term for describing those who have changed gender without a change of sex.” (Gender Blending, P. 469, 1997),

Continuing on the next page, same book, and as you can see in the bottom line above, she describes sex and gender rather accurately. If you read my book and this website, you’ll see I refer to these terms similarly.

More on Virginia Prince and Transgenderism

Here is a description of these things also in the ONE Archives at U.S.C. Libraries, by Richard F. Docter, Virginia Prince, and taken from Prince’s “Transvestia” magazine:


Another example of Virginia Prince in discussion:

Care must be taken when applying the modern “transgender” social movement, to Virginia Prince, as she was opposed to it in important respects (see above excerpt photos taken from Gender Blending and see below for some details).

Example of False Information, Re-writing History

Here is another example of subtle false impressions given about Virginia Prince and her advocacy, her views on transgenderism, which gives the impression she supported the transgender paradigm. Note that Wikipedia articles can be modified by just about anyone, but this kind of thing happens in many places across the web. Remember that Virginia said, above in Gender Blending, that she was not in favor of a gender-based word used for all trans people as an umbrella term, owing to significant sex need differences, she was quite open about including discussion of physical sex and having sex, and the she defined sex and gender as different things—where the current transgender social movement falsely implies they’re part of the same thing yet pressures society to focus on gender and not sex.

As such, Virginia promoted transgenderism, being a transgenderist…but she was not an advocate of the “transgender” social movement, per se.

This was seen on Wikipedia today, 7/18/20, note the date on the screenshot: